Welcome to Wooded Ridge Bison

Little Joe - Son of Grand Champion Chief JosephWelcome to Wooded Ridge Bison Farm located in Port Royal, Kentucky, halfway between Louisville and Cincinnati. We are an operation that believes that quality is more important than quantity and for that reason we limit our herd size to 12 cows. We believe this provides the following advantages:

  • More hands on time with the herd
  • Cows get to know us, which helps make them less aggressive
  • Calmer cows are easier to maintain and control
  • The calves from these cows will be calmer

We have also introduced 3 new bloodlines into the heifers. This move allows us to have more diversity in:

  • Size
  • Personality
  • Structure - body confirmaiton on offspring

Our quality is highlighted by Jack, the herd bull, who is the son of Black Jack, the Canadian Grand Champion. This commitment to quality is carried out throughout all of our work with the herd.

Take a look at our site and you will see that we are the type of quality farm you want to deal with in your upgrade of your herd or the start of your new herd. Give us a call or e-mail us and we can help you achieve your goals.


National Bison Association Lifetime Member of the National Bison Association since 2004.